What to instill in sweet cherry


Not all sweet cherry trees have a large quantity and excellent fruit taste after planting. And no matter how much this new tree and what kind of it. But what to do in this case? The answer is simple - to vaccinate. The fact that you can instill cherries and how to do it will be discussed in the article.

Why plant a sweet cherry?

What you need for vaccinations

Of course, the grafting of any tree is an additional hassle and risk. But most often it is thanks to this method that the best results can be obtained. The same applies to sweet cherries. This method of growing trees has several advantages.

  • Even if the desired variety prefers certain climate conditions, planting it on another tree can achieve high-quality growth and abundant crops in any part of the world. Thus, the plant is easier to adapt to different environmental conditions.
  • As a rule, grafted plants give more yield.
  • By planting different varieties of cherries to each other or to other types of trees, you can get a completely new variety of fruits, perhaps the much better available alternatives.

What trees can you plant grapes on?

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Sweet Cherry on Plum

Not every tree can take root cherry, although fans a lot of experimenting with different species. And yet there are several proven and reliable options that you can graft sweet cherries without much risk.

  • The first option, and the easiest one, is to plant the sweet cherry on another sort of sweet cherry. At the same time, the main tree (stock) should be strong, resistant to any estate, climate, temperature, as well as pests and diseases. In this case, you can get the maximum yield. The final tree, a few years later will be strong, resistant, rich in harvest almost every year. If the tree-base is capricious, then the harvest even after a few years, on the grafted tree will be small.
  • The most popular option - grafting cherries on cherries. This method has many advantages. It is on the cherry that the cherry is quickly taking root. But, in addition, every year from one tree it will be possible to collect two types of berries.
  • Cherry plum is also a common option. Not only sweet cherry, but also cherry and apricot get along with it easily. It has strong branches, much stronger than the same sweet cherry or cherry, so you do not have to worry about the tree breaking under the weight of the fruit. Sometimes even supports are not required. And the stalk grows together with it without any problems.
  • Plum as a neighbor for cherry is rarely chosen. But experienced gardeners love to experiment in this way. On the plum, the sweet cherry takes root for a long time, but if you show patience, you can get an unusual combination. Such a tree will surprise all friends and neighbors!

How to instill cherries?

Types of vaccinations

The first thing you need to pay attention to is grafting time. Best of all, of course in the spring, when an active movement of juices occurs in the tree. This period is recommended for beginners who have not previously planted capricious cherries. But in principle, it is also possible in another period (summer, September), the main thing is that the tree should settle down before the cold weather. Otherwise, the next year will have to start the procedure over.

The second is the grafting method. It is chosen, having defined, on what it is possible to impart a sweet cherry. It is best to use the method of grafting cuttings (copulation). He has been tested for years and not by one farmer who is satisfied with the final result. Cuttings must be prepared in advance - in late autumn, when the last leaves fall off the tree. It is these cuttings that need to be planted in the spring. If the vaccination takes place in the fall or summer, it is worth using fresh cut cuttings. The length of the stalk should be 10-15 cm, diameter - 5-7 mm.

It is easier and faster to graft cuttings in the splitting of the bark. This method, otherwise referred to as "tongue", should be used by an inexperienced gardener. But you can use other methods: side, split, bark. They are also effective, but they require the experience of a gardener to know exactly where and how to make cuts, how to tie cuttings, and so on, so that the tree will stick, and not wither.

What experts advise?

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  • When choosing a tree on which the cuttings are planted, you should pay attention to its condition and characteristics. If it is weak, diseased or "capricious," then the cutting either will not take root, or the yield will be low.
  • During vaccination, it is necessary to make all the cuts as accurately as possible, the better the cutting will be in the cut, the faster it will take root. This is what the "tongues" are made of. They serve as grooves for which trees are securely fastened.
  • The trees recommended above are only a small fraction of what a sweet cherry can be grafted on. If you have the desire and opportunity, you can update the sweet cherry tree by planting it on any cultivated tree, including an apple tree, a pear, and even an apricot. It may just take longer and the vaccination methods will be more difficult.