Potato variety Queen Anna


More recently, German breeders brought a new variety of potatoes, Queen Anna Anna. In 2015, he was admitted to the State Register of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The variety has excellent characteristics, for which he fell in love with amateur gardeners and professional farmers. The article below describes in detail the potato Korolev Anna itself and the method of its cultivation.

Description of potato varieties Queen Anna

The form is elongated and oval, the flesh is yellow

Queen Anna Potatoes can be grown on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, as well as in central Russia and in countries with similar climatic conditions. Early variety, table type, universal purpose. For maturation it takes 75-85 days from the date of emergence. Can be grown on an industrial scale.

Bush stem, medium size, often upright. Flowers are large, corollas are white in color. The plant grows rapidly, especially during the first stage of growth. The leaves are large, green, closed type. On the bush at the same time about 6-14 tubers ripen.

Tubers of medium size, weigh about 85-135 g. The shape of the root crops is elongate-oval, leveled. The peel is yellow, smooth, with small, superficial eyes. The flesh is yellow, while cleaning darkens slightly.

Characteristics of a variety

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Taste is pleasant, tasting score of 8 points out of 10

Characteristics of potato varieties Queen Anna are so good that it grows gardeners around the world.

  • Presentation Potatoes. From the whole harvest only 4-18% may be unsuitable for sale. The rest of the potatoes one by one, pleasant color, without damage.
  • Transportability is high. Potatoes are adapted for mechanical cleaning, washing, packaging.
Interesting! Queen Anna Potatoes can be grown on any type of soil, the main thing is that it is well fertilized - there must be a lot of potassium in the soil!
  • Stored without problems. Average keeping quality is 95%.
  • Immunity is very strong. There is resistance to potato cancer, wrinkled banded mosaic virus, late blight foliage, tops and tubers, common and silver scab, golden potato nematode, black leg, rizoktonioza, black spot.
  • Productivity depends on climate, care, method of cultivation. In different areas and regions from 495 to 605 centners of crop are harvested per hectare. The lowest rates in lean years are 110-300 centners per hectare.
  • The taste is pleasant, the tasting score is 8 points out of 10. In the composition up to 14.4% of starch, it does not crumble during cooking.

Potato growing Queen Anna

Planting density depends on soil type and growing method.

Despite the predominantly positive characteristics of potato varieties Korolev Anna, it is far from everyone to grow it. The reason is that in order to get good seedlings and harvest, it is necessary to properly plant the potatoes and provide them with proper care.

Planting material is never cut - planted entirely, as the variety does not tolerate this procedure. Before planting, potatoes are sorted, germinated and then sorted again, sorted. A place for landing is chosen such that most of the day is illuminated by the sun. Lowland does not fit - water stagnates in it, but flat terrain or elevation for culture is a good option. Since autumn, organic fertilizers, namely humus or compost, are applied to the plot under the potato.

Important! Land for landing must be heated at least to +10 degrees! This is an important rule specifically for this variety. If you plant the tubers in cold soil, it will germinate for a very long time.

You can plant the Queen Anne variety as early as April, but usually the planting process is postponed until May. They plant in furrows or on beds with well-moistened soil. Planting density depends on the type of soil and the method of cultivation. The distances between the holes are usually made from 40 to 75 cm. During planting it is worth throwing a little bit of wood ash with humus into each hole. This will accelerate the growth of bushes.

Nursing rates

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Harvest can be used for sale and storage.

The main requirement of potato Queen Anna, so that there are no sudden changes in temperature. This negative factor is able to delay the development of the bush and tubers. But otherwise, the standards of care are the same as in the case of other varieties.

  • Watering can be carried out in the aisle or by irrigation. Watering is not often, some gardeners do it only 3 times: after the appearance of sprouts, with the appearance of the first flowers and after flowering. But if the land dries up strongly, then watering is necessary, since the potato Queen Anna does not tolerate drought.
  • Top dressing is necessary, first of all, during growth of a foliage. Nitrogen fertilizers are mainly used at this time. If the leaves began to curl and acquired a light green color, then it is necessary to feed the culture with phosphorus. If the foliage has become narrow and pale, then potassium is applied.
It is important! It is recommended to tear the flower stalks. To do this, wear gloves, and one at a time cut off flower stalks. And in order not to infect the plant with a plant, it is necessary to periodically rinse the gloves in a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Loosening and weeding are needed several times per season. The ground under the bushes should not be crushed and even more cracked! To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to loosen the row spacing about once every 1-2 weeks and weed the area under the bush.
  • Hilling is done 2 times in this case. The first time is necessary when the tops have grown up to 20 cm, and the second - in another 2-3 weeks.
  • 1-2 weeks before harvesting, the tops are cut so that small hemp remains. By stumps it will be possible to understand where to dig, and due to the fact that the tops are cut, the plant will be able to transfer all the nutrients to the tubers and the harvested potatoes will be more useful than when the tops are not cut.

Harvest can be used for sale and storage. The storage place is dry and dark, it should be cool there, but not very cold - the potatoes will freeze at minus temperatures. Under proper conditions, the tubers are perfectly stored until April-May.

Diseases and pests

Often in the sort of Queen Anne settles Colorado potato beetle

Another mandatory rule for the care of Queen Ana potato varieties is the treatment of pests and diseases. As mentioned above, this variety is very rarely sore. And yet this is possible with the wrong care or use of diseased planting material. When a problem occurs, insecticides and fungicides are used, which can be purchased at any gardening shop or on the market. Before use, it is necessary to study the instructions well, and then use the drug for its intended purpose. In some cases, re-treatment is required.

Interesting! Potatoes - the first vegetable that was grown in space. It happened in 1995!

To reduce the risk of disease, pests should be planted potatoes away from tomatoes. Preventive treatments will not interfere either. For this you can use traditional methods (infusions, decoctions).

Often in the sort of Queen Anne settles Colorado potato beetle. The easiest way to deal with it is through traps, baits or manual assembly. Of course this is a painstaking process, but it helps better than any insecticide.

Reviews of potato variety Koroleva Anna

Amateur gardeners and those who professionally cultivate potatoes for sale consider the potato variety Korolev Anna a worthy rival to many modern and time-tested species.

  • Polina Agapova: “A good novelty among all modern varieties. Like Koroleva Anna, first of all because the plants grow quickly, the crop ripens at the same time. You can immediately remove the entire plot and use the plot for something else. medium-sized. The crop is kept excellent all winter, but we usually eat it before February. "
  • Maxim Kolesnikov: “As for me, the Korolev Anna variety has no competitors in terms of taste, but as for the yield, then Gala has bigger tubers and there are usually more tubers in the bush. In our family it happened that we sell Gala variety for sale, and for Queen Anne's food. Our harvest needs are more than enough and, most importantly, the wife is satisfied - the tubers are suitable for any type of processing. "
  • Valery Ershov: “Every year I plant Queen Anne's potatoes since I tried it in cooking. The variety is suitable for any type of processing. Even after freezing, the pieces do not fall apart when cooked. ".