Grade Eggplant Bourgeois F1


The correct choice of variety or hybrid eggplant allows you to provide the family with useful vegetables for the entire second half of summer and autumn. Eggplant has a lot of nutrients, they are recommended for children and with all sorts of diets, healthy nutrition. Eggplant Bourgeois F1 has interesting, almost round fruits, pleasant taste, excellent characteristics. It is most widely spread in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus. Details on the hybrid can be found below in the article.

Description of the Bourgeois F1 variety

Bourgeois F1 is a hybrid eggplant of early ripening, the fruits can be eaten already for 105-110 days after germination. Bushes are not very wide, not very sprawling, up to 1.6 m in height. Support and garter are not obligatory for them. Stem slightly pubescent, anthocyanin. The leaves are green, medium in size, with a wavy edge.

The weight of one eggplant is within 330 g, a record of 500-600 g

Fruits are spherical, almost completely round, similar to a tomato, up to 13 cm in diameter. The mass of one eggplant is within 330 g, a record 500-600 g. The skin is dark purple, shiny. There are almost no spikes on the cup. The flesh is white, with a green tinge, dense, without bitterness.

Characteristics eggplant Bourgeois F1

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Each type of eggplant has its own higher quality characteristics. What features has the Eggplant Bourgeois F1?

  • Productivity is stable, up to 4.7 kg / m. sq. The variety is valued for the fact that it never fails gardeners, with the right agricultural techniques.
  • The fruits are large, beautiful, fleshy and tasty.
  • The harvest ripens not amicably, but gradually over a period of 1-1.5 months.
  • Commercial quality is good. Fruits do not lose their presentable appearance for a long time, attract the attention of buyers with an unusual shape and rich color of fruits.
  • You can transport crops over long distances.
  • Resistant to some diseases, can grow in adverse climate.

    The fruits are large, beautiful, fleshy and tasty.

Does the variety have flaws?

Eggplant Bourgeois F1 has many positive qualities, but sometimes gardeners still complain about it.

  • Seeds sprout for a very long time. That is why it is easiest to grow a hybrid through seedlings.
  • This hybrid is demanding for watering.
  • The bush is recommended to form in order to achieve a good harvest.
  • When planting seedlings at a permanent place or sowing seeds, they cannot be thickened. Thick crops sprout for a long time, and planting of seedlings will begin to slow down the development.

What are the features of growing the Bourgeois F1?

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Plant an Eggplant Bourgeois F1 can be in both open and closed ground. It grows well in any cultivation, but the better the care will be, the more you can harvest. So, how to plant and care for a hybrid?

  • As mentioned above, it is not necessary to tie this hybrid. However, if the harvest is large, and several fruits ripen at the same time on each plant, it is worth holding the garter so that the bushes do not break under the weight.

    Growing a variety is easiest by seedling.

  • To grow a variety is easiest by seedling. Seedlings are sown at the end of March after soaking and germination. Sow the seeds immediately in separate cups.
  • At a permanent place you can plant seedlings that are 2 months old. The best period is from May 15 to June 10. At this time on the street should already be warm enough. If at night the ground still freezes, the landings are covered with foil.
  • The best predecessors include: carrots, melons, beans, greens.
  • Per square meter can be planted no more than 3 shoots in a checkerboard pattern. The recommended pattern is 40x60 cm. Seeds are sown to a depth of 2 cm. Seedlings should not be deeply buried, so as not to begin to rot the root zone.
  • To achieve large fruits, it is necessary to control the growth of Eggplant Bourgeois F1 and remove all the extra twigs and ovaries.
  • After planting, it is worth mulching the ground at their stems to warm the roots and reduce the number of weeds in the plot.
  • When the Colorado potato beetle, spider mite or other pests (diseases) appear, it is worthwhile to apply the corresponding insecticides (fungicides).
  • Watering is carried out 2 times a week.
  • Potassium and phosphorus should be sufficient in the soil. To regulate the balance it is worth once a month and a half to pour wood ash on the ground.

    Eggplants Bourgeois F1 have universal use

How to process the crop?

Eggplants Bourgeois F1 have universal use. They are often canned, make the first, second courses, snacks. Fruits are very convenient to use for stuffing. After heat treatment, the pulp does not lose its taste, rather tender, juicy.

If it is necessary to keep the fruit throughout the winter, it is worth making conservation or freezing it. The second option has recently become increasingly popular. When freezing the nutrients from the vegetable does not evaporate, as during hot processing. Frozen eggplant, sliced, can be stored for up to several months.

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