The best varieties of cherry tomatoes with a description and photo


Cherry tomatoes, like all other types of tomatoes, spread throughout the world from South America, where the Indians learned to grow them. The first written mention of small cherry-like tomatoes dates back to 1623. After the appearance of cherry in Europe, intensive work began on the breeding of new species of more sustainable, strong and unusual varieties. The article will consider the best varieties of cherry for greenhouses, open ground and the methodology for their cultivation.

What are the features of cherry tomatoes?

Their unusual name "cherry", these tomatoes received for an unusually small size. In appearance, they really look like a large cherry weighing 10-30 grams.

Cherry tomatoes are not only small, but also have a unique taste that never ceases to amaze gardeners. Cherry is much sweeter than ordinary tomatoes, they have a delicate, delicate taste, there is practically no acid. Some varieties have an interesting taste of melon or different berries.

In appearance, they really look like a large cherry weighing 10-30 grams.

Cherry is grown in open ground, in hotbeds, greenhouses, on balconies or loggias. This is a picky plant in terms of conditions, and yet scientists have proven that the most beneficial tomatoes ripen in the open air. Due to the abundance of sunlight and heat over the entire period of growth, they can be maximally saturated with useful substances.

The best varieties of cherry tomatoes for open ground

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Cherry tomatoes for open ground are resistant to aggressive environment, rapid temperature changes, pests. They are grown with a simple garter for pegs or trellis - depending on the type of plant.

  • "Busiki" - An interesting mid-season variety of Japanese selection. Fruits rarely exceed 1 cm in diameter, red, bright, very sweet and tasty. Used fresh and for preservation, pickling.
  • "Honey drop" - Russian grade. It grows up to 2 meters, stepson. Fruits 15-30 grams, in hands up to 15 tomatoes of the same drop-shaped form. The color is yellow, sweet taste, with a honey aftertaste.

    The best varieties of cherry tomatoes for open ground

  • "White currant" - an unusual sort of cherry tomato from the United States. Grows to 1.8 m, usually formed in 3 stalks. The taste is sweet, a bit like currants. Fruits up to 20 g are practically white, creamy, with a thin but dense translucent skin. The brushes are collected tomatoes in 10 pieces.
  • "Cherry Cocktail" grows up to 2 meters, needs shaping. Tomatoes round, up to 20 g, tangerine color, collected in brushes of 40-50 pieces. The surface is shiny, dense. Productivity from a plant to 2 kg.
  • "Garden Pearl" - low-growing variety of cherry tomato, grows up to 40 cm. ripening period 90-95 days. The color of the fruit is bright pink, the shape is round. Each plant for the season gives 7-10 kg of crop.

Also in the open field you can grow cherry tomatoes varieties "Lily of the Valley", "Magic Cascade", "Queen Margot", "Golden Bead", "Swia Pia", "Slice of melon", etc.

How to grow cherry tomatoes in open field?

Cultivation of cherries in the open ground is usually carried out by the seedling method. Seedlings begin to do from mid-March to early April. Otherwise, she simply does not have time to grow up to the time of landing. In the open ground you can plant seedlings from about May. By this time the weather is usually warm.

Seedling is done quite simply. First, the earth is prepared (for seedlings), warmed to room temperature, treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, or at least just boiling water to destroy the majority of harmful microorganisms. Now you can sow cherry tomato seeds in the ground. Rows up to 1 cm in depth are made, seeds can be laid in them at a distance of 0.5-1 cm. After planting, the seeds are sprinkled with earth and poured from a spray bottle with warm, settled water.

The cultivation of cherry in the open ground is usually carried out by seedling method

At the time of germination, the box with the seedlings is covered with a film and placed in a room with a temperature of + 25 ... +28 degrees. In the dark, they should not be - daylight should be 10-12 hours. After the sprouts appear, the film is removed and the temperature in the room is reduced to +20 degrees. With the appearance of 3-4 leaves, you can dive the seedlings into separate pots and begin hardening on the balcony at +16 degrees no less!

Planting seedlings of cherry tomatoes in open ground is carried out from the beginning of May to the first days of June, depending on weather conditions. The earth, of course, must be very well fertilized. Under the shoots make individual holes at a distance of 30-70 cm from each other, depending on the variety. Between the rows, a footpath is left in a meter wide for easy walking.

After the seedlings grow, pegs or other support are placed on them, to which they are tied up, otherwise the bushes will simply fall down during fruiting. Plant care is the timely watering, harvesting weeds, harvest, spraying from pests, making feedings.

The best varieties of cherry tomatoes for greenhouses

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For greenhouses, cherry tomatoes are usually chosen, which grow well even in the shade and at high humidity.

  • "Madeira F1" gives small tomatoes 25 grams, collected in brushes of 16-20 pieces. The variety is early ripe, tall has a long period of fruiting - until the cold, resistant to many diseases.

    The best varieties of cherry tomatoes for greenhouses

  • "Cityman F1" - early hybrid, ripens in 95-100 days. Fruits up to 25 grams, ripen in the hands of 12-18 pieces. Taste is excellent, sweetish. To increase the fruiting or speed up the ripening of a tomato, pasynkovanie is necessary.
  • "Kira F1" - hybrid cherry tomato from Russia. Tomatoes of 25-30 g, round, slightly elongated, orange, collected in brushes of 17-20 pieces. Stored up to 5 months. It has a sweet taste and a pleasant, fruity aroma.
  • "Cherry pink" - tall, medium early variety. The fruits of 25 grams, ripen in the hands of 25-30 tuk. Taste is sweet, sugar.
  • "Zelenushka F1" - determinant, mid-season hybrid. Fruits up to 12 grams, green with a yellowish tinge. The taste is delicate, almost without acid.

You can also grow varieties in greenhouses: Lycopa F1, Raisin F1, Black Cherry, Orange Date F1, Yellow Mimi F1.

How to grow cherry in a greenhouse?

In the greenhouse, cherry tomatoes grow much faster and the crop can be harvested about 1-2 weeks earlier than in the open field when planted at the same time as under the open sky. Plus also that the greenhouse allows you to plant cherry much earlier, and if the room is heated, then the plant can be cultivated throughout the year, and not just in the warm season.

Cherry tomatoes grow much faster in the greenhouse

Cherry planting in an unheated greenhouse takes place in April. But you need to make sure that the room was already quite warm. If necessary, the earth is heated by boiling water for 3-14 days. In a heated room you can plant cherry tomatoes all year round.

Used for planting seedlings or seeds. But the first method allows you to get an earlier harvest. Planting scheme is the same as in the case of open ground - between the seedlings should be 30-70 cm, and between the beds one meter. After planting, it is important to monitor the quality, growth rate of plants, as well as the microclimate in the greenhouse.

The room should be ventilated daily. Watering is carried out as needed, but the earth should not dry out! From time to time it is loosened, all weed plants are removed. After the sprouts reach a height of 30-40 cm, they must be tied up, regardless of whether the variety is short or tall.

Where else can you grow cherry tomatoes?

In addition to greenhouses and open ground, cherry tomatoes are often grown at home on the windowsill or balcony. This is not difficult, but there are several prerequisites.

Cherry for indoor growing

  1. The place where there is a pot of culture should be sunny and warm.
  2. For indoor cultivation used exclusively undersized cherry varieties.
  3. It is necessary to choose tomatoes, which are designed specifically for indoor cultivation. This group includes: "Balcony Miracle", "Bonsai F1", "Minibel", "Cherry Lisa", "Baby", "Cherry Cyrus".
  4. When growing cherry in hanging pots, one should prefer the varieties with well-bending stems: “Cherry-finger”, “Goroshina”, “Cascade Red”, “Cascade Elow”, “Garden Pearl”.

Growing cherry tomatoes begins with the preparation of seedlings. To do this, use the method described above. Only when sprouts appear 3-4 leaves, they dive into large pots of 5-20 liters, and not in small cups. Now it remains to provide the culture with optimal conditions, namely:

  • temperature in + 20 ... +30 degrees;
  • low humidity;
  • frequent room ventilation;
  • long daylight hours - 12-13 hours.

Sick and affected diseases such plants are very rare, but if something happens they need to be treated with insecticides or fungicides.

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