Soybean varieties


Soy is widely used in various industries, it is grown everywhere in countries around the globe. Soybean varieties differ in ripening, appearance, taste, and so on. The article describes the best yield and early ripe varieties recommended for cultivation in temperate climates.

What kind of soy bean to choose?

The choice of soybean varieties should be based not only on a beautiful name or a proven firm, the technical side of a particular type plays the main role here.

Soybean productivity at maturity

  • Maturation term. It is not always possible to wait until the late varieties of soy are ripe. It all depends on the preferences of the farmer his future plans (early harvest is more expensive, and the cleared area can be sown with something new).
  • Productivity Of course, the more crops a crop, the better. But here it is necessary to look not only at the yield indicator, but also at how low the lowest bean is attached. For mechanical cleaning, values ​​of 12 cm from the ground and above are permissible! Otherwise, some of the crop will be lost.
  • Tastes and composition of different types of soy differ. Depending on how it will be processed, a variety with a higher or lower content of oil and protein is selected.
  • It is also important to pay attention to the zone in which it is recommended to grow a particular variety.
  • Well, another important indicator - resistance to drought and various diseases.

The earliest soybean varieties

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Most often, when choosing a variety, the farmer pays attention to the period of his ripening. The earlier the harvest is received, the better, the vacated land can be used for other needs, sowed with a different crop, fertilized for the next year. So, what types of soy are the most early ripening?

The earliest soybean varieties

  • "Bilyavka" ripens in 75-80 days. The beans do not crack. The plant grows up to 75-105 cm tall, white pubescence, flowers - white. After full maturity, the seeds can be stored for a short time on the plant, but it is better to collect them in time. Up to 4 tons of yield per hectare. Requires additional treatment from pests and diseases. Protein content - 39-42%, oils - 20-24%.
  • "Annushka" ripens in 80-85 days. Recommended for the forest-steppe zone. This soybean variety grows to 80-110 cm, purple flowers. The average yield of 4 t / ha. The beans do not crack, the seeds do not fall off even after full ripening. May be affected by poor quality care. The protein content is 40-43.2%, oils - 18-21%.
  • "Anastasia" ripens in 87-95 days. Possesses the increased amount of beans (4 seed). There is a resistance to emergence, shedding of seeds. Grows in any climatic zone of Ukraine and similar countries in climate. The bush is compact, 80-130 cm tall, the pubescence is gray, the flowers are purple. The yield on bare land with a humidity of 14% reaches 3.0-4.99 t / ha! Pests and diseases are rarely affected. The protein content in soy 40-42%, oil - 18-20%.

The varieties "Alliance", "Mavka", "Sandra", "Smuglyanka" should also be attributed to the early ripening varieties of soybeans.

What varieties have high yields?

The second important point when choosing a soybean variety is yield. The higher this figure, the more profit the farmer gets. The following are considered yield and relatively undemanding to the conditions of cultivation of the species.

An important point when choosing soybean varieties - yield

  • "Hadzhibey" has a good yield when cultivated in middle and southern latitudes. On average, about 4–4.11 tons of product is collected per hectare. The plant grows up to 96 cm, resistant to lodging, shedding, drought. Ripens in 114 days. Protein content - 36.9%, oils - 21.8%.
  • "Success" - high-yielding soybean variety. 2.8-3.94 tons of soybean is harvested per hectare depending on growing conditions. Recommended for warm, steppe regions with an average level of humidity. The oil content is 23-26.8%. Vegetation period is 120-130 days. The plant grows up to 85.8 cm, resistant to lodging, shattering and drought. The flowers are purple, the stem pubescence is gray.
  • "Arcadia Odessa" - yield of 2.5-3.6 t / ha - depends on the type of irrigation, planting site. The growing season is 105-115 days. The plant is medium thick, brown pubescence, thick, purple flowers. There is a relative resistance to peronospora, fusarium and some other fungal diseases.
  • "Korsak" - Ukrainian, medium early soybean variety with a yield of 2.4-2.53 t / ha. Grows in southern and middle latitudes. The oil content in beans is 20.3-21.9%, protein content is 38.4-40.1%. It is not afraid of drought, does not crumble and does not fall.
  • "Princess" - type of Ukrainian selection, ultra early, yield 2.44 t / ha. Preferably grown in the middle and southern regions. The oil content is 19.4-21.4%, the protein content is 39.4-40.5%. The bottom bob is fixed about 12-16 cm from the ground. Resistant to drought and shattering, but can lie.
  • "Connor" - early ripe, Canadian variety with a yield of 2.35 t / ha. Recommended for temperate climates. The oil content is 20-20.8%, protein content is 37.5-41.2%. The fastening height of the bottom bean is 13-18 cm. Resistant to lodging, drought, shedding.
  • "Altair" has an average yield of 2.3-3.3 t / ha. Early soybean variety ripens in 95-100 nets. Grown in middle latitudes. The yields are stable. It is resistant to fungal, bacterial and viral diseases in the field.
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