Spicy squash


Spray squash is widely used in cooking, they make delicious dishes, healthy cocktails, preparations for the winter. Growing a crop is not difficult, but choosing a suitable variety is not always easy. About the best varieties of squash squash will be discussed in the article.

What is the feature of squash squash?

Bush varieties appeared thanks to the work of breeders. Their peculiarity is that they grow in large and small bushes, and do not wind like ordinary species. They are planted and grown in the same way as the usual varieties, only in this case there is a significant saving of space.

Spray squash yields great harvests and saves space

If you plan the planting correctly, you can plant a large number of bushes in a small area, but in any case, each plant needs at least a square meter of land. At the same time during the growth and development of the stems, leaves and flowers will not interfere with each other.

Planted seedlings or seeds only when outside temperature is set at +18 degrees Celsius. It is also important to note that abundant watering is necessary for bush plants, otherwise the taste of the fruit will be bitter.

What are the most popular varieties of zucchini?

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The popular squash squash are high-yielding varieties and those that have the most pleasant delicate flavor.

The most popular varieties of squash squash

  • "Tsukesha" - a popular variety of zucchini variety. Productivity of 12 kg from a bush. Fruits are bright green, dense. At an early stage of development, the plant tolerates slight cold snaps, a sharp change in weather conditions. Stored up to 15 days, transportable.
  • "White-fruited" - productive variety of zucchini. 8.7 kg of fruits per season are collected from a bush. Fruits in 44 days. The plant does not need an abundance of light, it can grow in a shaded place. Squashes are light, smooth, weighing 900 grams or less. Recommended for winter harvesting.
  • "Golden" refers to this list because of its amazing taste. From the fruits you can make baby food for children from 7 months and older. Vegetable weighing up to 400 g has a bright yellow skin color, the flesh is tender, tasty, sweetish. Stored up to 2 months under favorable conditions. The first fruits are harvested after 50 days after germination. Up to 7.5 kg of zucchini are harvested from the bush per season.
  • "Aeronaut" - bush variety of zucchini. Can be grown in open ground and in greenhouses. The average yield of 7 kg per plant, provided that there is enough space for development. Early variety, fruits from 46 days. Vegetable green, smooth, universal use weighing 1.3 kg.
  • "White" - one of the fastest ripening bush varieties of zucchini. The actual maturity of the fruit is observed from the 35th day. The weight of each fruit is up to 1 kg, outwardly they are light with a slight greenish tint. Use universal, it is recommended for baby food and for people suffering from diabetes. Stored at least 1 month.

The best varieties for ripening

Depending on the place of planting and own needs, it is possible to grow bush zucchini of early, mid-season or late ripening.

The best varieties of squash squash by maturity

  • Early zucchini is recommended to grow in any region, but during planting, they should be covered with foil in order to speed up the seedlings and protect them from late spring frosts. The species in question are: "White", "Nero di Milano", "Zebra", "F1 Waterfall", "Beleplodny", "Dinard F1", "Aeronaut", "Tsukesha".
  • Mid-season varieties are used everywhere, they are often grown for sale and for home use. Among the best varieties: "Kuand", "Rhonda", "Zolotinka".
  • Late varieties of zucchini are grown only in the southern regions, as they can bear fruit late, when it is already cold in northern areas and nature has "fallen asleep". Although when growing in a greenhouse problems should arise. Of the best varieties of the later should be called: "Spaghetti Raviolo."

What are the imported and domestic varieties?

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Domestic varieties and hybrids are characterized by good frost resistance. Imported varieties have high yields and are also often not inferior to the previous ones in terms of resistance to cooling. However, it is worth remembering that imported zucchini will not grow everywhere. For their cultivation, it is necessary to strictly follow the technology of preparing the soil, seeds, planting, caring for a plant, otherwise there may be no fruit at all.

Of the simple domestic varieties, the most common are: "White-fruited", "Belogor F1", "White Swan", "Gribovskie 37", "Roller", "Anchor".

Bush zucchini foreign varieties, well take root in different climatic zones. Of these, it is worth mentioning: Astoria, Zebra, Golden Cup, Nero di Milano, Aeronaut, Souvenir, Tsukesha.

What hybrids zucchini recommended for planting?

The main feature of the hybrid hybrids - they can for a long time after maturation, is on the plant, without losing the external, taste or nutritional qualities.

Recommended hybrid varieties of squash squash

  • "Belogor F1" - one of the most productive domestic hybrids. 16 kg of vegetable are harvested from the bush when grown in open ground. Gives the first harvest on day 34 after seed germination. The vegetable has a white skin, solid, without inclusions or stripes, smooth, valued for its pleasant taste. The weight of one fruit is 0.5-1 kg.
  • "Zebra" ripens in 35-47 days. You can grow in open and closed ground. The rind of the zucchini is covered with dark green and light green stripes arranged alternately. Up to 15 kg of fruits, each weighing up to 1 kg, are collected from a bush per season.
  • "Dinar F1" - has a light color of the peel, there is a weak ribbing. The pulp is firm, but juicy has a sweetish taste. Fruits on day 42 after germination. Productivity of 7-9 kg from a bush.
  • "F1 Falls" - bush squash early ripening. You can harvest the first crop already on day 42 after germination. Fruits are small - 0.5 kg, dark green, ribbing present. Recommended for canning, freezing. The yield of 7 kg per bush per season.
  • "Nero di Milano" hybrid of Italian selection. The variety is extremely frost resistant, it is recommended for cultivation in the central and northern regions. The greatest yields are in greenhouse cultivation. The shape of the fruit is cylindrical, dark green, the weight of the zucchini is 900-1500 g.
  • "Spaghetti Raviolo" grows in a small, compact bush. The color of the skin and pulp is yellow. If you cook it with a simple method (frying, grilling), it resembles a simple zucchini, but when cooking or stewing it splits into long fibers, resembling spaghetti. The mass of one fruit is up to 1 kg with a length of 20 cm.