Turkeys breed BIG 6


In 2008, a new breed of turkeys was bred in England - BIG 6. Already a few years later, they spread throughout the world. Farmers and breeders celebrate their unique positive qualities, pleasant external features. Turkeys breed BIG 6 unpretentious in the care and easy to maintain. About their breeding and features will be discussed in the article.

What are the external features of the breed?

Representatives of the species are large. The body is squat, the head is small, the chest is wide, strongly protruded. The wings are large, but when the turkey walks, they are almost invisible due to the highly developed plumage. The legs are powerful, rather thick, and there are red earrings on the head, a bright beard is also red. If there are no such distinctive features, then the turkey is either not of this breed, or is sick with something.

Turkeys breed BIG 6 have abundant plumage. Feathers sticking up in the direction of growth, rather than lying, like most other species. Slightly pressed to the body, they are only in the chest, but towards the tail strongly fluffed up. The color is white.

What are the benefits and productivity of the species?

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Benefits and productivity of breed BIG 6

Breed of turkeys BIG 6 meat direction. Among all types of turkeys - this one has a record size. Males reach 25 kg and females 15-18 kg. The mass of fillet output ranges from 75 to 80%!

And although the main reason for their breeding - getting meat, feathers, down and eggs of birds can give a secondary profit. The first two are easy and flexible, for which they are valued in different areas. They are inserted into suits, they make feathers for writing (more for decorative purposes), pillows and mattresses are stuffed, blankets, used to make fashionable hats, collars and so on.

Turkeys of breed BIG 6 are good layers. During the year, one individual can produce up to 100 high quality eggs. They can be eaten or used for breeding poultry growing in an incubator.

How to care for breed BIG 6?

Birds are kept in a large turkey (there should be up to 40 cm of free space per individual). A thick bedding is lined to the floor so that their feet do not freeze in winter, it changes every 3 days. In winter, the room temperature is maintained at +15 degrees and higher, otherwise they will hurt or even die from the cold. It is important to have windows and ventilation.

Inside it is best to arrange the lamps in order to artificially extend the daylight hours in winter. It is possible and recommended to equip several nests, perches. Separately fixed drinking bowls and feeders. In order for the birds to clean themselves, they need to put basins of sand and ash.

In the summer, turkeys are released for walking. For this is used aviary. Inside it can be planted useful crops, hang trough, equip a canopy from the sun and rain.

What and when to feed turkeys?

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Turkey ration in grams

In the house, in the brooder and on the range, there should always be clean feeders for food and drinkers. Their number should be such that the birds do not fight for the championship and eat, if desired, all together. Feeders and drinkers for chicks do not deep (up to 3 weeks, you can use a board with a small notch instead) so that their head and breast are not soaked in water while drinking.

Food should be only slightly moist. Large amounts of water can affect the health of the bird. With a strong thirst after eating, they can drink water themselves, so there should be a minimum in eating it.

The diet includes feed (corn, barley, wheat, soybean meal, premix), cake. Additionally, chalk and greens (nettle, dandelions), fish meal meal should be added to the food of young animals and adults. Dry food is added as it is eaten.

Young turkey poults of BIG 6 breed initially give crumbled eggs, wheat. From 3 days you can enter into the diet grated carrots, chopped greens, cottage cheese, fish meal, yogurt.

How to breed?

Eggs of the breed in 80% of cases give chicks, and healthy and strong. This is a high figure, so for breeding, you can either buy ready-made eggs of the breed, or use those that will carry the hen.

Growing turkey poults

Nestlings of breed BIG 6 can be obtained by laying eggs under the female, or from an incubator. In the case of females - there is a high risk of damage to the shell before the birth of the chick, which will lead to its death. The fact is that an adult female has a significant weight, she will simply crush an egg in 28 days, which it should hatch. Therefore, farmers often use the method of incubation.

The young growth is different in vitality, but it is very important to observe the temperature regime.

  • 1-7 days of life - the temperature in the brooder 33-35 degrees above zero.
  • 8-14 days - temperature 29-32 degrees.
  • From 15 days the temperature is reduced to 27 degrees.
  • By week 8, the temperature should be the same as outside or in the house.

Such a consistent mode allows the chicks to more easily adapt to the environment without harm to health. In addition to the temperature in the house or brooder with chicks, it should be dry. Humidity causes frequent diseases and can destroy the whole brood. Therefore, litter (straw or wood chips) should be changed about once a day.

When the chicks of turkeys of BIG 6 breed turn 2 months old, there is no need to fear for their lives. By this time they are already strong, healthy birds and are actively gaining weight.