The best varieties of radish for open ground


Planting in open ground can only be certain varieties of radish, those that can withstand cold weather, winds, pests. There are not many of them, producers are more focused on growing crops in the greenhouse, but there are time-tested species. The best varieties of radish for open ground and their features will be described in the article.

Radish types for open field?

Sort "Ultra Early Radish"

Radish for cultivation in the open ground is one-year and two years. The first gives seeds at the end of the season, and the second at the end of the second year of development. It is possible to eat not only root crops, which appear several months after planting, but also tops, although the latter has a specific taste, so not everyone likes it.

Radish varieties for open ground are divided into five main types of ripening: ultra early ripening (18-20 days), early ripening (21-30 days), mid-early (23-32 days), middle-ripening (33-40 days), late ripening (41- 50 days).

Variety "Red Giant"

When choosing a particular variety, it is necessary to rely on its endurance and climatic conditions in which the plant will be contained. Land in greenhouses is easier to maintain without parasites than open ground, so it is recommended to take a culture that can resist pests.

What are the best varieties of radish for open field?

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The list of the best varieties of radish for open ground includes those crops that are frost-resistant, are not exposed to diseases and pests (at least some), and have excellent taste.

Variety "Firstborn F1"

  • "Ultra Early Radish" harvested on day 16 after sowing. This is one of the best, if not the best, variety of radish for sowing in open ground. It is resistant to lower temperatures, does not get sick, provides a stable and good yield. You can plant in a few weeks after the snow melts - in early April. Long stored, tasty, juicy. True, the yield is small, but this is due only to the size of the root. With a square meter you can collect no more than 1.5 kg.
  • Red Giant - mid-season variety. Can be stored for up to 4 months in the right conditions. If you take good care of the crop, then up to 4 kg of crop can be harvested from one square meter. Radish bright pink, elongated to 12 cm in length, resistant to frost and does not bloom for a long time.

    Variety "Heat"

  • "Firstborn F1" can give from a square meter 4 kg of root vegetables. This is a unique early variety - going by the end of the second week. Radish is sweet and very juicy. Well kept, but, loves care. It needs to be weeded, thinned, often watered, clean weeds, otherwise the yield will decrease.
  • "Heat" - the early ripe radish, gathers by the end of the third week (1 sq. m. brings 2.5 kg). Root crops are round, the correct form, crimson shade. The flesh is usually white, but may be pink. Practically not ill, endures slight cold snaps. It tastes juicy, sweetish, but slightly spicy.

    Variety "Ruby"

  • "Ruby" has a good yield. Can be harvested 4 weeks after sowing (2.3 kg of radish is harvested from one square meter). Radish is round, bright red, juicy with a little needle. He has only one drawback - to deteriorate quickly, so it is not recommended for transportation.
  • "18 days" - An interesting variety with elongated root crops 9 cm long. They are harvested by name, about 18 days. The yield reaches 3.5 kg per square meter. The plant is resistant to various external factors, requires painstaking care. The flesh is juicy, but bitter.

    Variety "18 days"

The following varieties of radish for open ground have also proven themselves well: “Corundum”, “Rudolf” “Zarya”. The latter is considered one of the most promising during early spring planting. Saksu is also included in this list, but this species has many drawbacks - small fruits, poor resistance to pests and frosts, low yields.

What experts advise?

Summer residents and gardeners are advised to adhere to the planting dates indicated on the packaging of the variety and advise to follow the three simple rules when planting radishes in open ground. Dutch varieties proved to be very good.

Table of seedlings of radish harvest

  • The selection of radish varieties for open ground should be carried out in accordance with the climate of a particular area. Late-ripening varieties, no matter how delicious they are, will not be able to survive in cities with frequent frosts, heavy rains and cold snap.
  • Seeds before planting need to sort and soak in a special solution in order to accelerate the growth and development of the plant.
  • It is best to plant radishes no later than June. If you delay the landing, the radish will start to hurt and will be subjected to active attacks by pests. But, in addition, because of the heat, he can not fully develop.
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